Monday 21 November, 2016

OCA-Greater Seattle Statement on Donald Trump

OCA-GS Statement on Donald Trump

OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates – Greater Seattle believes that consequences of Trump’s presidency on the APIA will be harmful, especially among our newer immigrants and poor, because of his exclusionary and white nationalistic policies:

  • Trump’s and the Republican’s repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act will result in millions of APIAs without basic health care;
  • Trump’s nationalistic and exclusionary policies will result in dramatic decreases for educational and social services to newer immigrants and refugees;
  • Trump’s trade policies will result in lesser trade with China and other Asian countries and weaken the US economy;
  • Trump’s xenophobic immigration policies will result in a dramatic decrease of technical workers from China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. It will also led to a slowing of immigration from Asian countries and greater separation of relatives;
  • Trump’s white nationalist preference will result is a weakening of the racial progress made, and greater inequality and social justice for APIAs and other people of color, women, religious minorities and others “historically” marginalized in our society;
  • Trump will continue his attempt to suppress voting rights of new immigrants and communities of color; and
  • Trump’s presidency will result in a more divided nation between whites and communities of color/immigrants which will setback U.S. race relations;


It is our hope, however, that the Trump’s presidency will awaken the APIA community to fight back against it, get politically involved, and to make him a one-term president.

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  • J. Lui says:

    There will also be more harassments or even violence in schools where our children are attending; in the workplace and on the streets. I know of Asians who voted for Trump : some because of their pocket book, but mostly they don’t understand the implications of what his presidency would mean. I would like to see OCA organize some outreach program to educate Asians on their votes in future elections; and to consider programs to help Asians who may be harassed or violated in this new environment.

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