Wednesday 10 October, 2012

OCA Stands in Proud Support of Equal Opportunity Policies

In a rally at the United States Supreme Court today, hundreds of community advocates assembled to show their support of equal opportunity policies during the oral arguments of the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case where the plaintiff is asserting that diversity and inclusion practices are unconstitutional. However, equal opportunity practices have become an effective catalyst in addressing racial socio-economic disparities that many across minority populations continue to face, including APAs. Reflecting a broad base of solidarity, OCA joined speakers from the APA, African American, Latino, and LGBT communities.

OCA is proud to ardently and consistently affirm our support for equal opportunity policies as it continues to represent a life defining equalizer for APAs. Every year, thousands of underprivileged students benefit from affirmative action, creating an opportunity for a brighter future. These students are more than their grades and SAT scores; they represent new experiences and diversity that advances a more holistic learning environment.

During the rally, OCA Executive Director Tom Hayashi spoke on the importance of equal opportunity policies that provide an equitable playing field for all APAs.

“Our country cannot afford to retreat from acknowledging the structural inequities that has existed in the past and one which sadly persists today,” said Hayashi to a crowd of supporters. “We must not turn a blind eye to justice. No matter how divisive this matter is cast by the media, no public opinion poll can tear us apart.”

By standing up for decades of progress regarding equal opportunity practices, we can embrace the hopes and aspirations of all APAs striving for educational attainment.

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